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Debunking Myths About Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring has been around for quite some time but several new homeowners or renovation enthusiasts have expressed concerns around laminate flooring. If you are considering installing new floors and laminate flooring is an option you are considering, you should get the hard and true facts first. We will take a close look at some of the concerns some individuals have around laminate flooring for your Payson, Arizona home.

"Laminate Damages Easily and Isn’t Durable"

Sadly, one of the biggest concerns many have heard about laminate flooring is that it is too flimsy and damages easily. Although it may not be as protective as a waterproof vinyl plank flooring, it still consists of at least four layers including the base, substrate, pattern, and the wear layer. This provides the needed durability to the flooring allowing it to last for many years with correct care and proper treatment.

"Laminate Looks Too Cheap For My Home"

As with all flooring options, laminate flooring has developed and come a long way from its original creation. Most manufacturers now offer a variety of styles, textures, and designs that you can choose for your home. If you remain worried for how this flooring may look in your Mountain home we recommend stopping by in person to our showroom in Payson, Arizona to take a closer look for yourself.

"Cleaning Laminate Flooring is Too Difficult"

When selecting a flooring option you typically want to choose something that looks appealing, adds value, and is easy to clean. Many people have been tricked to believe that cleaning laminate floors is impossible endeavor and takes way to much time. In all actuality, cleaning laminate floors is not that difficult. Laminate flooring is so tightly installed that is smooth top provides no seams for any debris to be trapped. All you really have to do with your laminate flooring is simply cover the floor with a dust mop, or vacuum from time to time. These options, or even a damp cloth, can remove dirt, debris, and other particles your furry friends or children may track in. We don't recommend using a wet mop however as water may get through even the tiniest of cracks.

"Laminate Floors Can’t Be Repaired If Damage - I Will Have to Replace Them"

"There is no way to spot treat spills or problem areas on my floors!" This is one of the biggest misconceptions when understanding laminate flooring. This might be a confusion between a linoleum floor and a laminate floor. Laminate floors come in planks where vinyl or linoleum comes in sheets. Because laminate flooring is sold in planks it allows you as a homeowner the ability to replace individual planks if needed. Don't get us wrong, in serious situations you may have to replace the floor, but you do have the options to replace individual planks.

If you experience small scratchers on your laminate flooring you can simply repair the flooring with a repair kit. Let's say one plank is damaged so badly it has to be replaced, the laminate flooring is not attached to the subfloor making it pretty simple to replace just the one plank.

We also recommend getting an extra box or two of laminate planks in case you are in need to replace a few planks later on.

"Laminate Flooring is Too Expensive"

You might be dreaming of new laminate flooring in your home, but are scared to pull the trigger because they are just "too expensive." Laminate flooring is a high quality flooring options, with dozens of great benefits, but that does not mean it is not cost effective for your home! Compared to vinyl, carpet, tile, and hardwood this type of laminate flooring can be a great alternative for your home. Not only is it extremely attractive but greatly affordable.

Payson's Full Flooring Design Center For Your Next Flooring Project

If you are considering installing new laminate flooring in your Rim Country home we hope that this article has given you a more clear vision of what the flooring ACTUALLY offers. Don't trust everything you read online. Mountain Home Interiors is Payson, Arizona's go to flooring design center to help you make the best flooring decisions for your lifestyle and needs.

Visit us online at or in person at 315 W Main St in Payson to get a up close and personal comparison of laminate flooring and all other flooring options.

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