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Protect Your Flooring This Holiday Season

Merry Christmas Rim Country residents! The holiday season is one of our favorites here at Mountain Home Interiors. The electric light parade, time with family, Christmas traditions and more make this time of year beautiful here in Payson.

During the Christmas season your home's flooring can take quite a beating. Between guests coming in and out, muddy boots from your outdoor adventures, and of course your pets and children can all take a toll on your floors. Not to mention those bunches of pine needles and food and drink spills during your holiday party.

Here's the deal. Christmas is messy and your home can be affected. Learn how to protect your home's flooring with our helpful tips below.

Protect your flooring this Christmas

Dirty shoes

The chance of Payson receiving snow during the Christmas period is almost certain. As a result, our shoes will pick up plenty of snow, mud, and other debris as we spend time outside. Be aware of what you are tracking into the home.

To avoid bringing this into the house and all over your lovely vinyl plank or laminate flooring, try a “no shoes inside” rule to better protect your floors.

Don’t forget pets either! It may be best to leave a damp, soapy cloth and towel at the door for when you come back after a walk or playing out in Rim Country.

Christmas trees

Nothing says Christmas better than the smell of a real Christmas tree. However, sap and pine needles find their way onto the floor far too easily. Even with vinyl flooring, you’ll be grateful to invest in a waterproof mat that sits under the tree and collects the majority, if not all of the mess.

Be careful when bringing the tree in and removing it. Keep it wrapped to avoid scratches and use a tree skirt when it’s up as needles can make their way in hard to reach places. And don’t forget to give the floor a quick sweep or hoover as soon as you’re done moving it in and out.


Whether you have a young family who is excited for a night of Hot Coco and a Christmas movie our you are hosting a family party, spills are simply part of the season. Be ready to clean up any mess as soon as it hits the floor to avoid damage to your floors.

Find the perfect flooring this Christmas with Mountain Home Interiors

Give the gift of home this holiday season with brand new laminate, vinyl plank, hardwood, or carpet flooring. Stop by our showroom at 315 W Main St in Payson to find a wide range of flooring brands, styles, and colors to complete your home during this Christmas season.

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