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A postcard arrived in Sanco, Texas in 1917 addressed to RC Cosby.  In it, his brother enticed him with the opportunity to start over and buy a ranch in Arizona.  Robert C. Cosby loaded up his wife and two boys, Eschol and Cecil, in an old car, followed by a horse-drawn wagon, and headed west to Holbrook, AZ

They camped out along the way, and sometimes woke with snow on their sleeping bags.  R.C. eventually made a down payment on a ranch in Springerville, Arizona, where he raised his boys to manhood.  They eventually lost the ranch when the price of cattle dropped in the great depression and went on to drill wells in southern Arizona.  His youngest son, Eschol, became a Baptist preacher and musician. 

Bryan Miller followed in his great grandfather's footsteps and moved back to the mountains of Arizona in 1997 with his wife and three children.  He got a job installing flooring, and after twenty years in the business, owns and operates Mountain Home Interiors, in beautiful Payson, AZ.  

An avid outdoorsman, Bryan loves being out in nature, hiking, fishing, hunting, and enjoying time with his family.  Family owned and operated, Mountain Home Interiors is focused on providing a wide selection of flooring products and exceptional craftsmanship for your home and family in Payson and the surrounding Rim Country of Arizona.  To learn more about the area click here.  To view our list of flooring manufactures click here.

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