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3 Reasons Carpet is the Best During the Winter

It got real cold, real fast this year in Arizona's Rim Country.

If you think your carpets are just there for comfort and style, you’re in for a surprise. One thing you don’t realize is that they come in handy during the cold season. While it’s true that all types of flooring have their own advantages, carpet’s unique feature is that it performs better than others during winter. If your flooring is up for refurbishing, consider contacting reliable carpet installers in your area. Read on to learn the advantages of this textile covering as the temperatures start to drop.

More Warmth

One of the advantages of textile flooring is that it offers more warmth to your feet than others. The fibers used in carpeting are great heat insulators. And the thicker the material, the greater the thermal insulation. It can trap in more heat; thus, helping reduce your energy bills. Also, installing a quality underlay beneath the covering will further increase its benefits and make your house warmer.

Carpets also help regulate the humidity of a room because they can absorb moisture. They can help your home feel less damp during the cold season.

Less Strain

Aside from the overall warmth carpets offer, their soft material also help lessen the strain of walking and standing for long periods. This is extremely beneficial if you have guests over during the winter holidays. You’ll find it easier to mingle with your visitors for hours because of the cushion the padding beneath the textile flooring gives.

Increased Safety

By the time snow falls, everyone will come in and out of the house with damp feet. Moist floors are a potential hazard because they are prone to slip and fall accidents. Having a carpet will lessen the risk of falling because it’s non-slippery. The textile serves as adhesive friction, which gives a better foothold.

Contact the Carpet Professionals at Mountain Home Interiors

Carpets are one of the most versatile floor coverings available. They offer unique advantages that others cannot provide, especially during winter. If you’re due for a floor replacement, consider installing carpet with help from our professionals at Mountain Home Interiors.

Come down and see all of our carpet options at 315 W Main St in Payson!

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