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4 Things To Consider When Choosing New Carpet Flooring in Payson, AZ

Installing new carpet in your home can be extremely exciting as you transform your living spaces. Making the selection however can lead you into several pitfalls while picking out your flooring. Read the article below to avoid making the biggest carpet buying mistakes. Next time you stop by Mountain Home Interiors in Payson, Arizona we hope you will keep these in mind as you shop.

1. Not Using a Carpet Underpad

Often times when people try to save money or DIY their carpet project they will skip placing the padding that goes beneath the carpet. It is important to realize how critical padding is to a good carpet experience. The pad will absorb the impact on the carpet when you and your family are walking on it.

When you place an underpad, the carpet will receive protection that allows it to keep its shape for years to come. This will also protect your subfloor beneath which will create a softer feel beneath your feet while you walk through your home.

2. Miscalculating the Room’s Square Footage

If you incorrectly measure the size of your room square footage, you would not be the first. This is often another place where people go wrong when selecting new carpet flooring. Not getting exact measurements or rounding their numbers can cause headaches when you begin the installation process.

To make sure that you measure the room correctly, we recommend letting one of our expert carpet floor installers handle the situation. By not doing so you may end up ordering too much or not enough carpet. The last thing you want is to be short on the amount of carpet you need or have overpaid for to much.

3. Picking the Wrong Style or Color of Carpet

What type of carpeting you need depends a lot on your lifestyle. If you have children or pets, you need a carpet that resists stains and doesn’t show dirt. If you entertain frequently, you want a carpet that will withstand lots of foot traffic.

When selecting a carpet style, you’ll also want to think about how quickly you need the carpet installed.

You should ask for input with one of our team members when you purchase your carpet to ensure you choose the right one. Ask about:

  • The integrity of the textile.

  • The best colors to hide dirt or stains.

  • How long it will take for a specific carpet to become available in the store.

By enlisting guidance right away, you can save yourself the frustration of choosing the wrong carpet and needing to replace it. Expert opinions can steer you in the right direction. We pride ourselves on superior craftsmanship that you can trust.

4. Not Having a Professional Install the Carpet

This may be the biggest mistake many homeowners make when selecting new carpet. You may have a desire to save money on your carpet by installing it yourself. After all, the cost of labor adds to your budget, and there is always those homeowners who love a good DIY project.

Carpet installation can be much harder than it looks or may seem to the naked eye. It requires specific tools most people don't have on hand. This will lead to possibly renting or borrowing tools, which can up your price of your DIY project anyways. If you have a room that may be shaped differently or a small alcove in the room, you will need strategies to avoid common mistakes when buying and installing carpeting.

Instead of going through the process on your own, let our team at Mountain Home Interiors help you throughout the entire process. From the initial design and selection through the final installation we will help provide the carpet flooring of your dreams for your mountain home here in Payson, Arizona.

Superior Craftsmanship You Can Trust!

Visit our website at Mountain Home Interiors today or stop by 315 W Main St in Payson!

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