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Best Types of Carpet for Homes with Young Children

If we were only looking at the viewpoint of durability, the best flooring option for a home with young children would be hard and non-fibrous flooring, like laminate, wood, luxury vinyl, or ceramic tile.

That would typically work for most homes' practicality, but you would find yourself missing out on aspects such as comfort. In order to have a kid-friendly carpet, it is important to balance durability and comfort.

We all know that some young children can cause a riot on the floor of your home. Trying to retract a spill of Kool-Aid, dyed liquids, or food can be a nightmare to try to get out, leaving your carpet with a scar. When deciding on a carpet to best fit your children and home look for stain resistance, durability, and soft texture.

Choose Your Fiber Wisely

The type of fiber you choose for your carpet can make a monumental difference in the performance of the carpet. There are typically three popular fibers to choose from:

  • Polyester

  • Nylon

  • Triexta

Wool can also be a popular carpeting fiber, but if you have a house full of children it may not be your best option. Although, wool is often all natural, so it may appeal to those parents who want their child to avoid man-made chemicals. Here's what each fiber has to offer:

  • Polyester: Budget-friendly, eco-friendly, Polyester carpet is known for its sustainability and inherent stain resistance.

  • Nylon: Nylon holds a strong reputation for its softness, appearance, and its long-lasting durability.

  • Triexta: This carpet is unique in the fact that it combines durability with built-in stain protection- one of the very few fibers that can offer this.

Modular Carpeting

A modular carpet is a carpet that is placed like tile. This carpet provides your home the ability to remove sections of the carpet as needed. If a child has created a stain that you cannot get out, you can dispose of the carpet and replace it with an extra carpet square hidden somewhere in the garage.

Typically modular carpeting is used for high trafficked areas in commercial buildings such as waiting rooms or offices. This can still be a good choice for residential customers who may need the ability to replace the carpet when a child is young or if you have a pet.

In rooms that are dedicated to kids', such as bedrooms, nurseries, or playrooms, you may want to install modular carpeting while the child is young, in case of an accident. After the child has grown and the expectancy of a spill has lowered, you can switch to a more conventional type of carpet or hard flooring.

What to Avoid

The #1 style you do not want in your child's room is Berber or other types of looped carpet. The loops can snag, this can cause the carpet to unravel and can be quite costly or unable to repair. If this is the kind of carpet you think you must have in your home just be aware that you run a risk of repair.

Other styles you want to avoid are Saxony, velvet, and plush. These are more elegant styles of carpet flooring which are designed for places like guest bedrooms, offices, and other areas not prone to much traffic.

Our Message

We get it, one day you may come home from work to go in and hug your little ones to find that little Jeff and Suzy have taken your favorite BBQ sauce and used it to finger paint, "I Love You Daddy" on your new carpet. Life happens. That's what we are here for. Whatever your carpet or other flooring needs may be, Mountain Home Interiors has what you need to move forward and love where you live or work.

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