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Should I Install Waterproof Flooring?

There is no secret that many home owners are looking for more innovative, durable flooring solutions for their home. Especially if you are like the rest of us here in the Rim Country area and often track in your adventures throughout the home. The rise of vinyl waterproof products have raised dramatically. Find out why below.

Why it Might Be Wise to Go With Waterproof Vinyl Flooring

Prevents Moisture Buildup

A home is a living, breathing atmosphere for most families. Water being splashed from showers and sinks as well as spills all create moisture in your home. You may even come across a rare leaky pipe that can cause additional moisture buildup in your home before you even know about the problem. Accidents are not the only thing to worry about in terms of moisture. Steam from showers and even rare high levels of humidity during monsoon season can make moisture build quickly in your home.

You know what loves moisture buildup? Mold. Excess moisture provides mold and mildew the perfect breeding ground for it to grow and to do quickly. This can cause a ton of health problems like itchy eyes, coughing, sneezing, headaches, fatigue, nausea, and breathing issues. Many people suggest that being subject to mold in your home could even lead to cancer and damage of the liver system.

Obviously this is not a risk you want to take when it comes to you and your families health. Not only does moisture run the risk of mold, but it also offers scares of water damage and warped flooring if the floors are not treated to fight the excess water.

Installing waterproof flooring reduces the risk of incurring an expensive water damage repair bill and offers protection to the other valuable items of your home from water damage.

Waterproof Flooring is Easy to Clean

There is a reason that the word "chore" has a negative connotation. Spending countless hours making sure that your home is clean and treated properly steals away time for exploring the wonderful outdoors of the nearby mountains along the Mogollon Rim.

Waterproof vinyl flooring is so much easier to clean than other flooring options. It naturally repels spills and stains due to its ability to keep substances on the surface of the floor. Instead of like other flooring options, water or spills will not soak into the floor allowing you to simply wipe away the mess. If you are need of a deeper clean of your waterproof flooring, run a wet mop or a steam cleaner over the floor. With it being water-resistant you don't need to worry about water damage like you would if you were cleaning traditional wooden floorboards.

Waterproof flooring's easy to clean capabilities make it ideal for high-traffic areas (like kitchen or bathroom) where spills or excess moisture may be more frequent.

Perfect For Pets, Kids, or Weekend Adventure Seekers

It's Sunday morning, you deserve to sleep in a few extra minutes. Your 4 year old had other plans and decided to bring the dog inside to share breakfast together. Some of their cereal went in their mouth but the majority of it, along with the milk, found its way all over the kitchen floor. Sound familiar? Accidents DO happen.

Trying to stop these accidents are nearly impossible. Rather than trying to force your family, friends, and pets from ever stepping foot inside your house again, try using waterproof flooring instead. Waterproof floors allow your lifestyle to feel a little more free as you can breathe easy knowing that the waterproof vinyl is built to last the storm.

Water isn't the only substance that won't soak into your waterproof floors. If you have a pet that isn't house trained you may experience an accident that you might be unable to see until odor sets in. Luckily with waterproof flooring you can simply wipe it away as it will sit on top of the surface.

Most of these flooring options also resists damage as well. Pet scratches or moving dents will not show much on most of these waterproof vinyl flooring options. With a house full of young humans and pet kids these benefits of waterproof floorings are a must.

Available in Various Styles

If you choose to go with waterproof vinyl flooring, you're not forced in to any one look or style. We guess you will be impressed by how stylish modern waterproof flooring solutions are. Our flooring partners carry a wide variety of waterproof vinyl to suit all tastes, styles, and budgets.

Other Waterproof Options

Another option could be "water resistant" laminate. It offers a water-resistant foundation underneath its fiberboard core. These layers are coated with resin to fortify the flooring against moisture and excessive wear and tear. Most of these water-resistant laminate is typically fashioned to look like wood or even stone tiles.

Can Mountain Home Interiors Help Me Get New Waterproof Flooring?

You betcha! As Rim Country's #1 Home Improvement and Flooring Design Center we are dedicated to superior craftsmanship to improve your Mountain Home.

Waterproof Flooring is one of the fastest-growing and most desired flooring options available. They offer a stunning design and look with all the durability against excess moisture you need for your mountain lifestyle.

We are here to help you purchase and install your new waterproof floors. Start by browsing our partner's flooring options here or stop by the store at 315 W Main Street in Payson, Arizona.

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