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Keep Your Carpets Clean This Fall With These 3 Tips

Goodbye summer, HELLO FALL!

Today marks the first day of fall here in Payson, Arizona and we are looking forward to the upcoming hunting trips, colder weather, Friday night football and all other things we love about this time of year in Rim Country. Although for the majority of us we turn are minds to the turning leaves and pumpkin flavored drinks we need to make sure to remember the important cleaning habits to keep our floors clean through the changes in season.

Fall is known to bring in more dirt, moisture, and debris into our homes. Getting into the correct habits now can allow your carpets to hold up through fall and into winter. Stay with us as we break down three important tips this fall.

Keep Your Mountain Home Carpet Clean This Fall!

Vacuum Your Carpet Everyday

In rooms of your home that get high amounts of foot traffic, like your front entryway, you’ll want to vacuum your carpet everyday. Make sure to carefully pass over each area two or three times, so that you can get all the debris, dirt, and dog hair as much as possible that could be hiding within the carpet. Make sure to get all the way to the the corners as well! Don't get to lazy and cut the corners these areas can accumulate dust and other particles over time.

Take Care of Carpet Spills Right Away

Is it even really fall if you aren't cozying up with a hot coco or coffee? As the weather cools down the warm beverages start to come out, which can mean there might be a higher possibility of spilling that drink on the carpet. If you live with young ones, this might be something you deal with at all times of the year not just autumn. If you see a stain or spill make sure to do all you can to reduce the damage it may cause. If you have vinegar or detergent available, those can help in lessening tough carpet stains. Remember that it is harder to remove the stain or spill after it dries up!

Get Your Carpets Cleaned or Steamed

You generally want to steam or dry clean once every 8 months or so, depending on how often you host get-togethers and parties. If you enjoy having gatherings often, you may want to stay closer to the 8 month mark for your cleanings. Fall is the perfect time of year to have this done, as most homes generally have the greatest number of parties in the Summer. A good, professional cleaning will help ensure your carpet stays healthy and looking nice.

Contact Payson, Arizona's Full Flooring Design Center Today!

If you have specific questions about your homes flooring how to treat it, give us a call at (928) 474-4660 or stop by our showroom at 315 W Main St in Payson!

Happy sweater weather season!

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