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Keys To Hiring the Right Flooring Contractor

Moving into your new home, renovating, or building a home can be enough stress in the first place. Selecting the perfect flooring for your home is only the first step in the flooring process, remember someone has to install. There is always the option to install the flooring on your own, but if you are looking for a professional to do the job quickly and correctly here are a couple of things you may want to consider.

Flooring Experience

For most individuals your home is often your biggest investment. You need a flooring expert that you can trust to install your flooring properly. Look for an installer with a strong reputation and with years of experience in the field.

Here are a couple of ideas to identify flooring experience:

  • Check their online reviews. Google, Yelp, & Facebook can often tell you a lot about an installers abilities.

  • Connect with neighbors. Chances are someone in your neighborhood has recently had flooring installed in the last few years. Ask around and see who your community recommends.

  • View installers work. Check the companies website. What kind of work do they deliver? What photo's can you find of their work? Visit neighbor's homes who have recently had floor work done and evaluate the job done. Visit

Taking the time to identify the ability of installers in your area, specific to your flooring needs, can make a huge difference in the long-term value of your home.

Does The Installer Have Insurance?

One of the first conversations to have while shopping for an installer is to ask if they are licensed and have proof of insurance. Many contractors have a general contractor's license, but it is important to know if they have a license specifically for flooring.

While your flooring is being installed it is important to know if your installer has insurance in case of an accident on your property during the installment. This is important due to the risk you run by potentially being held liable if the contractor is not licensed.

How Much Will It Cost?

Understanding the entire cost of your project is a very important aspect of the job to consider. Here are a few questions to ask your potential installer before deciding to hire:

  • What do I need to pay to get the project started?

  • What is the schedule for payment?

  • When is the final payment due?

  • Are there any unforeseen problems that could add additional costs?

Shop around to different installers and see what is all included in the pricing of the flooring installment. You want to look for a fair price while getting the best quality of work. NOTE: "Cheap" really does mean what it says when it comes to flooring. At Mountain Home Interiors we are not always the cheapest, but we have the best installers in the business. Don't take our word for it visit our online reviews and testimonials - click here.

The Process

It is extremely important to be on the same page with your flooring installer before the project begins. Before you decide on an installer, be sure to understand completely what you should expect from them. What is going to be required of you during the process?

The last thing that you want is a long drawn-out process because of lack of communication. Often during a flooring installment, the need for your furniture to be moved during the project may be needed.

A Few Other Details to Know Before You Make a Decision:

  • Understand clearly who you should contact during the project if any questions arise.

  • How long will the entirety of the project take?

  • What is the expected timeline of the project?

  • Who will handle all the cleanup of the project?

Does Your Installer Offer A Warranty?

Check before the start of the project on what warranties (if any) the installer offers. The manufacturer of your flooring choice may offer a warranty, but check to see if your installer also offers an installation warranty.


Are you looking for a qualified professional to help you with your next flooring project? Mountain Home Interiors has the experience and expertise you can trust to create your desired look.

From carpet & tile to hardwood & vinyl flooring, Mountain Home Interiors offers it all.

Contact us today by clicking here or give us a call directly at (928) 474-4660.

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