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Renovating Your Bathroom? What To Look For In Bathroom Flooring

Ready for some bathroom talk? Your bathroom flooring of course.

For most households bathroom floors are prone to standing water, slippery surfaces, and even possible mildew. When updating your bathroom floors, it’s crucial to consider function just as much as you focus on the look of the floor. Here are a few of our important features to look for before making the final decision on your new bathroom flooring.

Install Bathroom Flooring with Waterproof Attributes

For most families, having water in your bathroom is almost as likely as the sun coming up in the morning. Excess water isn’t always a good thing when it comes to your floors. Certain floors, like true hardwood, while there is standing water on the surface these floors can warp and lose color easily if you don’t act fast to clean it up. For bathrooms, you’re much better off with waterproof ceramic and porcelain tiles or water-resistant vinyl. Wood-look vinyl plank or traditional vinyl tile make excellent choices in a wet environment, increasing the overall longevity of your bathroom flooring.

Look For Slip-Resistant Floors For Higher Safety

Did you know that your bathroom floors will get wet? It’s important to try and limit the number of slips and falls as much as possible. Consider flooring with an inherent slip-resistant feature. Talk with a Mountain Home Interiors representative to find flooring with this feature today! Most hard surfaces are naturally slippery, especially when wet. Slip resistance can help make your bathroom flooring safer, so you can step out of the shower with more confidence or not be as worried while your kids are in the bathroom.

Avoid Health Disasters with Mildew Resistance Flooring

Mold and mildew growth thrive in a wet environment, making bathrooms one of the most ideal spots for growth. This can cause intense skin irritation, allergies, and even asthma. Knowing that your home's bathroom will be one of the dampest places in the home installing mildew-resistant flooring will allow you to protect your floors against undesired fungi. Doing this will allow your family to avoid the effects of a mildew-filled home.

Less Hassle When Cleaning Your Bathroom

Mountain Home Interiors can help you find great luxury vinyl plank flooring, luxury vinyl tile, or traditional tile. All of these floorings options offer great moisture, slip, and mildew resistance not to mention they are all much EASIER to clean. How nice does it sound to do a single sweep with your mop without the worry of using harsh chemicals and how that may affect your home? Clean faster & clean easier with one of these bathroom flooring options.

If you are interested in placing high-quality flooring into your mountain home bathroom than there is no better place to call than Mountain Home Interiors. Stop by our showroom at 315 W Main St in Payson, Arizona or visit us online at

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