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Selecting the Best Hardwood Flooring Plank Width

Picking the right plank width of your home's flooring can have a great impact on the appearance of your home. Depending on the size of the planks you can make your room appear smaller, bigger, calm, cluttered, or busy simply by your selection of the planks width & position.

In this article we dive into how to select the best plank width for your hardwood flooring and the current trends in design! Keep scrolling to find all the details!

How To Select The Best Width For Your Hardwood Flooring

Your personal taste and preference is always the first step in deciding on the flooring width of your home. Are you a fan of wide wood planks, narrow width, random width or a variation of them all? Do you like a unique pattern or a border? Understanding what you personal tastes are will generally lead you to making a selection that you will be proud you made for years to come.

Another question we recommend you ask when making this flooring investment is do you have something in the room you want to highlight? If you have a spacious room would you like it to feel more cozy? More open? This will help you make your final decision on the flooring plank width. With the guidance of one of Mountain Home Interiors Flooring Design Experts you can accomplish your home design goals and avoid making expensive mistakes and eventually a completely flooring redesign in a couple years because you missed the mark the first time.

Hardwood Flooring - Past And Present Plank Width Trends

Traditional flooring typically uses 2 ¼ inch to 3 inch wide planks. This works well with most décor and has clean, consistent lines. It’s versatile and has general overall appeal.

Throughout the years, as preferences have changed, many homeowners have elected to go with wider plank flooring. Wood plank flooring widths now vary from 3”, to 6”, to even 24”. For this look, the wider you go, the fewer seams you’ll have on your flooring.

Wide plank wood flooring is one of the most likely things you may see on Saturday mornings as you watch HGTV and is all the rage between designers these days, however this trend doesn’t fit with all room sizes and layouts.

Wood Flooring Plank Widths For Smaller Rooms

If you have a small room, but love the look of wide plank flooring, you can still bring this work the room. It may not be the ultra-wide plank size you originally desired, due too the fact that large planks can cause a room to feel much smaller.

For these smaller rooms, we recommend using a 6” to 8” width plank. A 10″ wide hardwood flooring plank could overwhelm a normal size room and make the proportions of the room feel extremely small. If you decided you really want to go with a wider plank in a smaller room or space, using a lighter colored wood or stain can help the room still feel open and roomy.

Wood Flooring Plank Widths For Larger Rooms

The larger the room the greater the opportunity.

If elect to use a wide-width plank, you need to decide if you want all the flooring planks to be the same width or if you prefer varied width wood flooring planks. Using random width wood flooring is a creative way to add visual appeal to your home. It may be more difficult to install, but can really create a "WOW" factor in any home.

Wood Flooring Planks For Narrow/Long Rooms

Narrow rooms can appear wider if wide planks are used and laid across the space, perpendicular to the long wall. The wide plank look can work perfectly in these types of rooms and can really open up the space.

If this is a look that doesn't really appeal to you, you can always lay them lengthwise but we recommend that you use 8" or wider wood flooring planks. This can be done with varied length and uniform length wood flooring.

Another potential option in narrow or long rooms is to create a border which can really reduce the visual length of the space.

Working With An Expert For Your Wood Flooring Plank Width Options

There are so many different design elements that can affect the look and feel of your room. Wall color, room size, décor, and of course your room's flooring. Although you can't change the actual dimensions of a room without remodeling or busting a wall down, what you can do is create the illusion of a more spacious or cozy room based on the type of wood flooring plank width.

Considering these hardwood flooring options before it is time to start the remodel can help you make the right hardwood floor width choice for your space. Small and medium-sized rooms do best with a small or average-width plank, while wide plank hardwood flooring can create a visually stunning element in a large room.

The plank size you choose can have a huge impact on the perception of your space!

Whether you decide to go with the newly popular wide plank flooring, a mix width, or the classic narrow plank - our experts at Mountain Home Interiors can help guide you on what flooring width size is the best for your room and your mountain home.

Our full flooring design center located at 315 W. Main St in Payson offers anything from hardwood plank flooring, vinyl, laminate, carpet, tile, and so much more! We will be with you every step of the way to choose the right flooring for your home, style, and preferences. Stop by the showroom today or give us a call to see all of our flooring options!

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