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What Is The Most Durable Carpet Option?

We get it, life happens. Kids, pets, and of course your rare (or not so rare) accidents can put a lot of pressure on which carpet or flooring option is going to be durable for your lifestyle. Mountain Home Interiors is more than happy to help you get the most durable carpet for your home. Continue reading below to find what to look for when making your carpet flooring choice for maximum durability for your mountain home.

Choosing the Correct Carpet for Your Room

One of the biggest concerns we hear from our customers is what type of flooring to place into high trafficked areas. If carpet is the best choice for those areas, what should we be looking for in selecting a quality carpet?

When selecting your new carpet flooring look for options that are:

  • Nylon or other durable carpet fibers

  • Stain-resistant

  • Low pile

  • Carpet squares

  • Patterned or Darker-colored carpet

Nylon Carpet Floors Are Extremely Durable

One of the most durable carpet fibers available is Nylon, especially when it is given stain-resistant treatment. In places with heavy foot traffic, such as hallways, living rooms, and stairs nylon carpet can provide both comfort and durability.

It is important to remember that nylon can be extremely durable, but there may be other flooring options that may be better suited for your home. This is where one of our flooring experts at Mountain Home Interiors can help ensure you are getting the best flooring possible to fit your home. We help maximize need, durability, style, and budget to get you the best flooring possible.

Use Carpet Flooring That is Stain Resistant

If you have had children or pets you know that stains and unwanted messes are bound to happen. Stain-resistant carpet has been given a special treatment to keep spilled liquids on top of the surface instead of soaking into the carpet fibers. This offers a huge benefit to homes that are prone to frequent accidents.

Stain-resistant carpets however are not invincible. It is important to treat spills as soon as possible because the liquid will eventually find its way into your carpet flooring.

If you live a fast-paced, young, messy lifestyle - stain-resistant carpet is a must for your Mountain Home.

Find "Low Pile" Carpet Flooring

If you have been searching for the right carpet flooring the chances of coming across the term "pile" are highly likely. Pile simply refers to the carpet fiber's height. Each type of carpet has a different pile, for instance, shag carpet has relatively high carpet fibers to give it that plush and full look.

If you are wanting to find the most durable carpet for your home, we suggest choosing carpet fibers that are low pile.

One of our carpet experts at Mountain Home Interiors would be more than happy to help you find the right height pile for your home's needs.

Try Carpet Squares

Carpet squares can be a lifesaver for high traffic areas. After a day of fishing, hiking, or camping in the mountains, your boots can leave a MESS on your carpet. Buying extra carpet tiles can make life much easier by being able to replace one or two carpet squares instead of your entire carpet flooring.

You may believe that it may not be worth buying a few extra tiles, but trust us, a spill might happen and you'll be glad to have a few extra squares for replacement.

Choose Darker Carpet Flooring

The color of your carpet is not going to have a huge impact on the carpet flooring's durability, but it can and will affect how your carpet looks over time. If you are known to have a busy lifestyle and a very active household, we suggest purchasing a carpet that is darker in color or pattern. This allows stains if they do happen, to be less visible as the carpet ages.

Key Benefits of Going With Carpet Flooring

Carpet Flooring Is Easy to Maintain

To keep your carpet looking fresh and clean, it is important to vacuum it a couple of times a week at the very least. We recommend vacuuming high traffic areas daily. Unlike most flooring options, the carpet does not require a ton of floor cleaning solutions and supplies.

If you go with stain-resistant carpet you can even decrease the chances of additional stains.

Carpet Flooring Is Soft and Warm

Mountain Home Interiors offers a vast variety of flooring options, including top-tier carpet options. Carpet is a great choice for rooms where you spend a lot of your time, like a living room. Sitting on hardwood or tile can be much more uncomfortable compared to a quality carpet flooring design. Carpeting also provides a tad more insulation to your mountain home to offer additional warmth during those winter months in Rim Country.

Color and Pattern Options

The carpet flooring manufacturers we partner with offer a large array of color and pattern options to fit your style and way of living.

Stop by the store at Mountain Home Interiors to see some of our carpet flooring options.

Let's Get Started!

Mountain Home Interiors is a premier full-service flooring and tile company that has provided high-quality installation to homeowners in the Payson and Rim Country, Arizona area for years. We live here too, we love the outdoors and we can help you add the perfect mountain touches to your dream home!

Contact us today to get your new carpet flooring!

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