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Why Are Hardwood Floors So Popular?

Are you looking for new flooring for your home or commercial facility? Great, you have come to the right place. Mountain Home Interiors is your local expert on all things flooring. Throughout different ages and trends, hardwood flooring remains a constant choice for many. Hardwood floors have continued to be high in demand for several reasons, check out our reasons below on why this type of flooring is the choice for you.

The "Wow" Factor

A new, clean hardwood floor can leave visitors to your home screaming, "WOW!". One of the reasons hardwood floors continue to be such a popular choice among Arizona residents is because it can make any room or space look great.

No matter what type of wood you decide on or what room you decide to put it in, your home will look incredible with one of Mountain Home Interiors' hardwood flooring options.

On top of the way you look and feel about hardwood floors, it can be an incredible investment into your home for when you decide to sell. Homes that have hardwood floors have seen a much higher resale value than homes that do not have hardwood.

Hardwood Floors Are Easy to Maintain

Compared to other flooring materials, hardwood floors are much easier to maintain and upkeep. Spills, accidents, and stains can be a nightmare on the carpet, while hardwood flooring can be exceptionally easier to mop or sweep.

By cleaning hardwood floors regularly, you can expect that they will be able to last for years to come. Apart from mopping and sweeping, spot cleaning can be done with gentle cleaners specifically made for hardwood floors. Most hardwood floors are even vacuum safe, but choose a vacuum with a hard floor mode that makes cleaning even easier.

Hardwood Floors Are Worth the Cost

You may see that some hardwood flooring may be more expensive upfront than other flooring options, but hardwood floors remain so popular because that extra cost is not in vain. Hardwood floors tend to last longer than other materials, lasting a couple of decades if treated correctly.

Like we stated in the section above maintenance of your hardwood flooring can be relatively easy. By staying true to those practices you can trust your hardwood floors will retain its quality. This is why many older homes in Arizona still have their original hardwood floors.

Hardwood floors can be refinished 5-7 times before they need to be replaced. Even with many engineered hardwood flooring, they can at least be refinished once. When you take all that into consideration when choosing flooring, the price becomes quite competitive against other types of flooring that need to be replaced every 3-10 years.

Hardwood Floors Have Made Advances in Technology

Like stated above some hardwood floors are more than just hardwood from a solid tree. New technology advancements have allowed you the opportunity to choose engineered hardwood. Installing this in your home can be an advantage as it incorporates multiple layers of wood. This can make your flooring much more durable and more moisture resistant.

Hardwood Floors Are More Allergen-Friendly

With Mountain Home Interiors storefront being located in the beautiful town of Payson, Arizona, we know all about allergies.

Carpet and other types of flooring can trap dust, dander, and other kinds of allergens that can cause allergy flare-ups. With hardwood floors being much easier to clean, allergies can be much less of a hassle as you can quickly clean your flooring with a mop or other cleaning tool.

Mountain Home Interiors Has A Wide Collection of Hardwood Floors Perfect For You

Selecting the perfect flooring for your home or commercial space can be extremely fun and exciting. It can also be extremely difficult to know what flooring is just right for your lifestyle and needs. Luckily, our flooring experts are here to help. Stop by the store to see all our flooring options or visit our website at Have questions? Call us at (928) 474-4660

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