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Why Should You Hire A Professional Carpet Installer?

Ready to ditch that old, beaten down, carpet? You would not be abnormal to think that this could be something that you could DIY. Most people consider this option. When it comes to your home's flooring having a job done right, however, can save loads of time and be much smarter on the wallet in the long run. Professionals will have the right tools, experience, and knowledge of things to look for before just laying down the carpet.

From the special tools, you need to use to the expertise needed to correctly install the carpet padding, trying to replace your carpet on your own is a difficult process that can easily go wrong if you don’t know what you’re doing. This is why we recommend having new carpets installed in your home by Payson, Arizona's professional carpet installation team at Mountain Home Interiors. Continue reading this article to find four vital factors in deciding between DIY and a professional flooring company.

Carpet Installation Requires Specific Tools

Most people don’t have carpet knives, knee kickers, and power stretches just lying around their house. There are a wide variety of tools you will need to own and know how to use in order to install a carpet. The carpet installer will already have all these tools on hand and have the expertise to use them correctly.

Carpet Preparation

Before you can ever install carpet there are several steps that are important to follow before installation. This includes removal of the old carpet, removal of baseboards, and depending on the home it may require a new subfloor. Missing any of these steps, especially not being able to determine if you are in need of new subfloors can result in several problems through the installation process. This is a key reason we recommend hiring a professional to properly evaluate your room(s) that are in need of new carpet.

Raise the Appearance of Your Home

Installing a new carpet for your home requires several steps and procedures including cutting, installing pads, and stretching the carpet. If any of these steps are performed incorrectly or cuts are just a hair off you will notice bumps and several other flaws at the completion of the install. Make sure that your carpet has that crisp, professional, look with a trained installer who will get the job done right the first time.

Carpet Warranties

For many DIY projects, the emotion of completing the process leaves you feeling happy and proud. Often times mishaps during the installation process can go unnoticed until more severe issues arise days or months later. Not to mention there may even be issues with the carpet that you originally purchased. By installing the carpet yourself, the warranty may no longer be accepted. Consider this before you dive into the project.

Superior Craftsmanship You Can Trust!

We understand the need for trying to save money during the renovation process but DIY efforts may just cause more stress, take more of your time, and potentially push you to spend more money in the long run.

Our team of dedicated professional installers are prepared with the necessary tools and knowledge to give you the perfect carpet flooring you've been dreaming of for your Rim Country home.

Visit our website at Mountain Home Interiors today or stop by 315 W Main St in Payson to get started on your flooring project today!

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