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Why You Need Waterproof Flooring in Your Payson, Arizona Home.

Did you know your flooring can tell a story? No really, it does! Think of the memories that your flooring has of you and your family. The first time you traced in mud from your first camping trip with your son, or the time that spaghetti rained down from the countertops to splash down on the floor. Whatever the memories may be, you want flooring that is able to withstand the test of time.

Being able to survive anything you throw at it should be a no-brainer when selecting flooring. That's why going with luxury waterproof flooring is a wise decision for many different lifestyles.

If you are questioning if waterproof flooring is right for your home or business here are a few scenarios that might paint a picture whether going waterproof is right for you.

1) You Love Animals

Let's be honest, nothing is more difficult than trying to be mad at a cute little kitten or a new puppy. Often times in your homes these friendly animals can be the culprit of main moisture-related accidents. From spills to growing through the potty training phase, you never know what you might come home to. With non-waterproof flooring like carpet, tile and natural wood, damage can be done in just minutes if a wet mess is not cleaned up quick. Let's be honest most animal accidents are done when you aren't around, putting your flooring at risk.

If the water or spilled wet mess is left unattended the fluids can be trapped underneath the surface where mold growth or sub-floor damage can be done. They also hid the possibilities of nasty germs under the surface. Mountain Home Interiors, based in Payson, Arizona offers waterproof vinyl plank flooring that can resit animal mistakes, even if your gone all day. All you have to do is clean it up!

2) You Love Your Kids

Let's be honest, we all love our kids. Especially those moments when you see a milk bowl has been turned upside down on your brand new floor, and been left their for who knows how long. Or those fun summer water balloon fights that always seem to end in the middle of the kitchen. Gotta love it, right?

From the time your children begin growing up, spills are BOUND to happen. On any given day you could potentially have a new wet mess with a house full of kids. If this is you, you might want to think about one of our many waterproof flooring options.

Our waterproof floors allow you to forgive your little ones and forget those accidents. Thanks to patented Uniclic joint technology combined with pressed bevels and hydroseal coating, spills are prevented from seeping into joints.

So, the next time that cereal bowl goes flying, you can rest assured that your floor is protected.

3) Worried About Your Appliances

There are always a few places in your home that are prone to get wet or produce spills. Places like your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room. These zones in your home almost speak for themselves on why a waterproof floor is a must have.

With all the appliances found in an everyday Arizona residents home it can be hard to trust that they will all work, all the time. Small items like juicers, coffee makers, carpet cleaners can leave leaks that can destroy your floor. Not to mention washer and dryers, sinks, and faucets.

The waterproof technology that Mountain Home Interiors waterproof flooring offers you the home owner, is an assurance that your floor will be spared from life's emergencies.

4) You Want Beautiful Home Flooring

Although pets and children can often times be the case of spills and splashes in your home, we know that life happens. Relatives, parties, emergencies, they can happen to anyone and they can happen at at anytime.

Our waterproof flooring lines are extremely easy to clean. Allowing you to put the past in the past and still enjoy a gorgeous floor throughout your home. If you don't want to be constantly reminded of messes that have happened on your home's floor, going waterproof is the plan for you.

Mountain Home Interiors has several great flooring options for your home. As we constantly innovate and round up the best collection of waterproof flooring options you can rest assured your floor will be protected. Visit our website at or give us a call today at 928) 474-4660.

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